2005 Reunion

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It's all over...   The 2005 Reunion was a great success...   Thank you to all that attended...    

Liberty In Las Vegas

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1st "All Hands", "All Years" Ship's Reunion

June 24, 25 and 26, 2005


Richard and Sharon Barth

Denver and Audrey Oxford

Carl and Sara Morawski

Shipmates from the late '60's

Shipmates and wives from the '70's

Samuel and Nilda Kinne

George and Bonnie Mitchell

George and Mary Escobedo

James and Lynn Jopek

Jerry and Karen West

John and Dolores Mucci with Lisa Stuky

John and Carol Helgeson

Kevin Kelly

Melvin Gipson

Michael and Cathy Baptisti

Gerald and Carrie Helgeson

Bill and Louise Dezur

Bob and Maria Behm

Don and Sharon Easley

Jerry and Karen West

John and Delores Mucci

Keith and Debbie Kaighen

Richard and Clarice Peterson

Ruben and Yolanda Rodriguez

Steve and Glenda Sakry

Tom and Mary Gayle Cuff

Paul Lindauer and Bonnie Armes

Plank Owners

Plank Owners together from the late '50s

William and Kathy Gaines


Captain Hough's Letter                                                                          Beamer's Speech