2007 Reunion - Branson, Missouri

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It's all over...   The 2007 Reunion was bigger than the 1st...   Thank you to all that attended...    


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2nd biennial "All Hands", "All Years" Ship's Reunion

August 1st - 5th, 2007

Larry Braun

Larry, Craig and Keith

Branson Belle

The photos above were taken by Lee and Kay Brinley


Photos above by Maria and Beamer




MoBoat's engines are silent now,

Her steel is rusted and cold.


The passageways are dark and damp,

Her living spaces, vacant and void.


She served her nation well,

This we can testify as true.


Because we are the ones who lived and worked there,

The ones that were proud to be her crew.


She sailed over the oceans deep,

Tossing and rolling by the power of the wave.


She carried both sailor and leatherneck safely above,

But below the tempest shall be her grave.