The Andy Masga Collection

1981- 1984

Up Moran 57-59 Frank Pitt 59-61 Racioppo 60-62 Monnett 60-61 Faust 65-67 Clark 65-68 Lefebvre 66-68 Earl 67-69 Baker 68-69 Jenkins 68-70 Beck 68-70 Harbin 68-70 Lovaas 69-71 Fesnock 71-75 McKnight 72-73 Barrentine 75-79 Ryan 76-79 Havard 77-79 York 78-79 Olsson 78-82 Underwood 78-79 Masga 81-84 Marine Corps Photos Crew Photos Crew Photos 2 Operations Ports of Call Port of Richmond Ship's Photos Suisun Bay


Boat Ops - LCVP

Boat Ops - LCPL

MoBoat Underway - Bow of the ship

Lt.Cmdr MacDonald

Mario Osorio - R.P.I.

Pohang, South Korea

Tinan Island

Rodney Washington with one of the locals


Japanese Fleet - Sasebo, Japan

Cubi Point, R.P.I.

Hong Kong, B.C.

Andy Masga & Gonzo on-board the Moboat

Mount Fugi, Japan

Yokuska Harbor, Japan

Bantham & Scrappy

MoBoat crew at White Beach, Japan

Spanish Gate - Subic Bay, R.P.I.

Gonzo in R.P.I.

Mountain Top, R.P.I.

On-board the MoBoat

Unidentified Postal Clerk

Diamond Head, Oahua, Hawaii

YN2 Colvin

MoBoat Crew in Korea


Pearl Harbor, Oahua, Hawaii

USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Oahua, Hawaii

Sasebo, Japan

Welcome USN!


Sunset - Yokuska, Japan

Japanese Defense Fleet

Gonzo 7 Copedo

"Tora, Tora, Tora" Japan

King & Smitty in Sasebo, Japan

Andy Masga & Julio Sepulveda aboard the MoBoat during flight ops

Srappy & Andy Masga in Sasebo, Japan

Andy Masga & Julio Sepulveda in Japan

Julio sepulveda at the Hawaii Bar in Korea

Aboard a LCM-8 durning boat ops at Tinan Island

Rodney Washington at the beach in R.P.I.

Mario Ossorio getting to know the locals in R.P.I.

Olongapo City, Subic Bay, R.P.I.

Andy Masga in the berthing compartment

Hawaiian Sunset

Mount Fugi, Japan

USS Blue Ridge LCC 19 aanchoed in a Japanese port

Sasebo, Japan

Marine Corps LVT in Yokuska, Japan

Chinese junk in Hong Kong Harbor

Sasebo, Japan

Korean market

Subic Bay, R.P.I.

"Tora, Tora, Tora" Japan


korean Shoreline

Subic Bay Naval Base, R.P.I.

Chapelle and Jones, Sasebo, Japan

Japanese submarine



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