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   Moran 57-59
Frank Pitt 59-61
Racioppo 60-62
Monnett 60-61
Faust 65-67
Clark 65-68
Lefebvre 66-68
Earl 67-69
Baker 68-69
Jenkins 68-70
Beck 68-70
Harbin 68-70
Lovaas 69-71
Fesnock 71-75
McKnight 72-73
Barrentine 75-79
Ryan 76-79
Havard 77-79
York 78-79
Olsson 78-82
Underwood 78-79
Masga 81-84
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03 level port side

Baily and Simpson

Baily and Simpson

Battleship mockup

BM2 Greer

BM3 Albin

BM3 Harmon

BM3 Hoernke

BM3 Hoernke

BM3 Stewart

Bob Wooten

Bow antenna

Brown, RW Henson, King, TD Henson

Captain Homyak

Captain's gig

Choppers and unknown sailor

Ensign Burkett

50 ton crane port side

Funk and unidentified sailor

Greer, Hoernke, Harmon

The three musketeers

Harmon, Greer, Isaacs

Brown at the helm

Helo arriving at sunset

Holland taking out the trash

Huard at the ready

Huard firewatch in Japan

Huard LCVP coxswain

Huard and Pereira

Huard on liberty in San diego

Jim Huntington

Jim Huntington

Jim Huntington

Jim Huntington

Jim Huntington

Jim Huntington

Jim Huntington and Armendarez

Jim Huntington on the gig

Jim Huntington turning to

Inbound helo

Inbound Pearl Harbor

Inbound Pearl Harbor

Inbound Pearl Harbor

Inbound Singapore

Inbound Singapore

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima in the distance

Japanese destroyers

Justice, Barnes and Washburn

Kawishiwi and a DLG

Damage from the collison with the Kawishiwi


LCM in the welldeck

Leki and Carr

LSTs 1157 and 1158


Lyles and Johnson

Lyles at the sail locker

Manuevering drill

Padilla and Smith


Side cleaner

Side Cleaners

Side Cleaners


Turing to

Unidentified officer

James Whittmer

Jim Whittmer walking past the Sail Locker.

Vung Tau

Well deck ops

Well deck ramp


Another port

Captain's gig at the rail

Captains Gig

Checking the weather

Choppy seas

Foggy day

Good Joke

Gunner's Mate doing PMS

Heading for UNREP

Hoernke on the helo deck

Hoernke on the port wingwall

Huard and QM2 Dean

Huard and Louk

Huard and TD Henson

Huard at UNREP station

Huard in LCVP 2

Huard on the gun mount

Huard on the leadsman platform

Huard posing

Huntington and Huard on the crane

Jets in the well

LCVP at the pier

My locker

Noon time on board ship

Nose stuck in a book

PBR alongside

Pearl Harbor and a rainbow

Pereira on watch

Piping all hands to chow

Posing again

San Diego

Ship's wake

Smoke and a book

Life is good

Storm clouds in port

Sun reflection on the ocean

Water Over The Bow

White Clouds

YTP Tamaqua At Diego Gracia

YTB 797 Tamaqua