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Moran 57-59
Frank Pitt 59-61
Racioppo 60-62
Monnett 60-61
Faust 65-67
Clark 65-68
Lefebvre 66-68
Earl 67-69
Baker 68-69
Jenkins 68-70
Beck 68-70
Harbin 68-70
Lovaas 69-71
Fesnock 71-75
McKnight 72-73
Barrentine 75-79
Ryan 76-79
Havard 77-79
York 78-79
Olsson 78-82
Underwood 78-79
Masga 81-84
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LT Lefebvre

Beer Bust - Diego Garcia 1970

Captain John J. Flynn and his son Greg.

They are going up the gang plank for a "Dad and Son" overnight cruise.

Captain Hadapan on left

Vang Tau

2nd division deck apes

Shellback initiation

Helo deck

The three amigos

Lifebouy watch


Eric Nebel

Hoekstra, Sumas, Gowers

Goodrum, Downing, Hoekstra, Waahoo

Goodrum, Waahoo, Sumas, Hoekstra

Goodrum, Sumas, Waahoo, Hoekstra

Jim Lincicum in ship's store

John in the Bosun's locker

John Huard

John turning to

John on port wingwall

the "Judge" in Diego Garcia 1970

Kapua 1970




Robert Leki and David Smith

Lt Cahaire with greasy face - shellback initiation

HM3 M.J. Pipriano, Ltjg Smile

MR2 Hamblin



Nordman in Diego Gracia

Nordman in the ship's store

Al Pereira

Pier sentry

Pier watch

Port wingwall watch


R.K. Palacious ready for landing party

Robert Leki


R.W. Henson, Frank King

SA Carr

SA Galvan

SA Pugh alias Thumper


Shellback initiation Aug 1958

Smith and Behm

Smith and Behm

Spray painters

BM3 Stewart hungover

Stweart and Huntington

Sumas and Hoekstra in grabage box

T.D. Henson, Behm, Spitler


Williams skylarking


Wiseman on watch

Wolf and Nelson starboard wingwall

1957 - Photo by Dave Clifford BT2

I forgot his name, he worked in the forward boiler & engine rooms on the way from Norfolk, VA after picking up ammo & stores. In route to the Panama Canal and the West Coast.

1957 Pascagoula, MS - Photo by Dave Clifford BT2

I lived in the apartment on left along with Roden MM1 before the ship was commissioned.

1957 Plankowners - Photo by Dave Clifford BT2

Liberty hangout at Pascagoula, MS. Chief at left2 radiomen at right. Can't remember names.

Welldeck 1957 - Photo by Dave Clifford BT2

Note: Cars on upper deck - The old man let anyone with a car at Pascagoula, MS could load it aboard and take it to San Diego via the Panama Canal.

Radio Man Storekepper, Roden MM1 and Dave Clifford BT2


Albertson, Tapley and Bernier



Beer Labels 1965

The Captain's Gig


Gillibrand & Glassey

Group Photo

Mustache Man

Group of sailors enjoying San Miguel

Phyllis Phid on the Flying Bridge

Prisoner Transfer 1

Prisoner Transfer 2

Prisoner Transfer 3

Propaganda Front View

Propaganda Back View

The Sail Locker


Trentacosta and Hager

SN Kenneth Gress and R.L.

Gress in uniform and R.L. on the rack.

Unknown sailor

circa 1964

Group Photo

Vietnamese Currency


Disneyland Ticket

It's the last surviving Ticket/pass of the many I was given when stationed onboard Monticello. If you remember all the theme parks were giving us passes when returning from Vietnam.

John Fesnock


Circa 1960 - 1962

Dave Wikstrom, Melvin Uzzell, Jerry Craft

Circa 1960 - 1962

Dave Wikstrom, Melvin Uzzell, Jerry Craft

Circa 1960-1962

Circa 1960-1962

Circa 1960-1962

Mike Tucker FTG2

Mike Tucker FTG2

Mike Tucker FTG2

Replenishing at Sea

Swim Call


Mail Call Vietnam

Barbeques of the coast of Vietnam

Sunday Smokers of the coast of Vietnam

Sunday Smokers of the coast of Vietnam

Diego Gracia




2nd Division Berthing

SN Brian Middendorf, BT3 Dolman, FN Manual, SN Robert Smith,