The David Ryan Collection


Moran 57-59 Frank Pitt 59-61 Racioppo 60-62 Monnett 60-61 Faust 65-67 Clark 65-68 Lefebvre 66-68 Earl 67-69 Baker 68-69 Jenkins 68-70 Beck 68-70 Harbin 68-70 Lovaas 69-71 Fesnock 71-75 McKnight 72-73 Barrentine 75-79 Ryan 76-79 Havard 77-79 York 78-79 Olsson 78-82 Underwood 78-79 Masga 81-84 Marine Corps Photos Crew Photos Crew Photos 2 Operations Ports of Call Port of Richmond Ship's Photos Suisun Bay

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Hello I told you I would send some pics. They are all from 1976. The ship, crossing the equator, the Enterprise and Me.

I will send more later. They all or none have to be used. Thanks.

I forgot to mention I work with Bob Wagner (Marine) He was transported in 1965 to 'Nam.

I am learning about scanning and adobe. Thanks again. Dave