The Edward Lefebvre Collection

1966 - 1968

Up Moran 57-59 Frank Pitt 59-61 Racioppo 60-62 Monnett 60-61 Faust 65-67 Clark 65-68 Lefebvre 66-68 Earl 67-69 Baker 68-69 Jenkins 68-70 Beck 68-70 Harbin 68-70 Lovaas 69-71 Fesnock 71-75 McKnight 72-73 Barrentine 75-79 Ryan 76-79 Havard 77-79 York 78-79 Olsson 78-82 Underwood 78-79 Masga 81-84 Marine Corps Photos Crew Photos Crew Photos 2 Operations Ports of Call Port of Richmond Ship's Photos Suisun Bay


Lt Edward Lefebvre

50 cal machine gun

Lt Edward Lefebvre

3" 50 Mount

LCM 8s

Helo Ops

Swim call!

Ch 46

CW2 Donald Salmon

USS Ogden LPD 5

3 Mike six boats in the foreground.

A signalman by his light

A heavy cruiser

LCM 6s

LCU 1476

Assault Craft Unit - 1

Built by Marietta Mfg, Point Pleasant WV in 1953


MoBoat Trio performs

Crewmembers enjoying the music.

Another shot of the music crowd

A nice photo of the performers

Straboard 50 ton crane in the working position

Helo approaching the helo deck

Bird in the air!

Mount 31 waiting for a target

Mount 31 takes a shot

And yet another

Maines with their equipment on the helo deck

Mo's wake

Captain George Folta

Bridge personnel

Marines and their equipment

Empty well deck.

LCM 6s

Three abreast to enter the well deck.

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