The Jack Clark Collection


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Care Package

- This is a picture of me looking through cans of fudge and cookies sent by my Mom when we were in Viet Nam. The guys in M Division always liked it when I got a care package from mom.

Dry Dock

- Dry Dock in Yokosuka, Japan in 1965 due to damage sustained from heavy seas during Typhoon Shirley. That typhoon was quite a ride.

Engineering Log Room

- This was me in the Engineering Log Room during relax time off the coast of Viet Nam.

Hong Kong Photo

- This is a photo of me in civies during an R&R period in Hong Kong. Sept 1967.


- Me next to a Huey on our helo-deck during operations in Viet Nam. May 1967.

Liberty Call

- Me leaving the Monticello while she was in dry dock in Yokosuka, Japan in 1965.

MM Berthing

- Machinist Mate Division Berthing compartment. FNG Tom Cuff and me kibitzing while underway headed to Viet Nam in early 1968.

MM2 Elledge

I hope I got his name right. Forty years has a way of

fogging the old memories. We were standing outside the Machinery Repair shop. This was on our first Westpac Tour in 1965.

PI Drinking Buddies

- Ken Duke, Jack Clark and San Miguel beer at Mama Susan's in Olongapo City in February 1967.

Port Hole View

- This is a picture of the USS Tripoli out of a port holewhile off the coast of Viet Nam. June 1967.

ROK Soldiers

- These are some of the feared Republic of Korea Soldiers deployed aboard the USS Monticello enroute to Viet Nam. 1967. They were very friendly guys with pictures of their wives and girlfriends back home, but ruthless killers when it came to the hated VC.

Steamin' Demon

- Here I am next to the DA Feed Tank in the engineroom of the USS Monticello while underway. Notice the sweat. This picture was all the motivation I needed to get a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

Swim Call

- This is a picture of me dangling off a rope off the coast of Viet Nam for swim call. I never saw any of the poisonous snakes that were said to be in the waters off the coast.