The John Beck Collection


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Starboard wingwall crew launching LCM-8 combat loaded off of RVN

LPD in the distance either Denver or Ogden. Note; 50 cal mount and helmeted crew. From helo deck, date uncertain (02/70 -05/70 possible range) Anyone know these guys?

Mount 32 and the Starboard Stack.

probably an island off the coast of RVN; something going on to starboard. From 03 level. straboard, date uncertain (11/68 - 05/70 possible range). Anyone know these guys?

Captain F.W. Benson

Captain looks aft as Sasebo pilot watches forward. Monticello moors port side to Yokose pier on 28 March '70 for refueling. Taken from the bridge wing.

USS Coontz (DLG-9)

Inport Sasebo, Japan. From Monticello, date uncertain (28 Mar - 15 Apr 7- possible range.

Backing into berth 2

India basin USNS Sasebo, Japan for voyage repairs following collision with the USS Kawishiwi (AO-146) on 5 Feb '70. Taken 03 level starboard on 28 Mar '70.

Commercial Tankers await repairs in Sasebo, Japan

Taken from Monticello's 01 level forward; date uncertain (28 Mar - 15 Apr '70 possible range)


Lowing whip antenna in preparation for entering well deck. Off Danang, RVN. Taken from Monticello's helo deck; date uncertain (11/68 -05/70 possible range).

LCM -8's

with M-60 tanks combat loaded. lashed-up to enter well deck. Taken from Monticello's helo deck; date uncertain (11/68 -06/70 possible range).

Starboard crane

Ballast control team at work off Danang, RVN. Chief Engineer LT. Zane Moot faces deck ladder; CWO-2 Richard (Spider) Weiland walking toward ballast shack.

Taken from 02 level aft; date uncertain (11/68 -05/70 possible range).


Awaiting customers near bridge from Subic Bay to Olongapo, R.P.I.

Taken froma jeepney; date uncertain (12/68 -05/70 possible range).

Fleet Landing, Naval Base Subic Bay, R.P.I.

Date uncertain (12/69 - 05/70 possible range).

Spanish Gate, Naval Base Subic Bay R.P.I.

Date uncertain (12/69 - 05/70 possible range).

Foc'sle crew at sea and anchor detail.

Inbound to Danang, RVN. Taken from Monticello open bridge; Date uncertain (18/69 - 02/69 possible range). Anyone know these guys?

Port crane maneuvers LCPL-MKII on helo deck

Cheif Engineer Lt Zane Moot watchesfrom 02 level aft. Taken from 03 level aft; Date uncertain (11/68 - 12/68 possible range).

Ltjg John beck, 3rd division gunnery officer and new wife Shirley (Gertzel) Beck.

On the pier in San Diego in the early fall of 1969.

Ltjg John beck, 3rd division gunnery officer

On the wingwall aft of USS Monticello, taken from helo deck; date uncertain(11/68 - 02/70 possible range)

Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay

from Coit Tower in July, 1970.

Shirley and I were processed out and homeward bound by then!

3rd Division (GM's and FT's)

At ceremonial quarters on the helo deck -possibly for Captain Benson's relief of Captain Homyak? GMGC Clifford Kennedy in charge. GMG1 Capmbell is guide. GMG2 Bigg, GMG2 Mandich, GMG2 Ells are prominent. Who knows the names of the rest?

Date uncertain, possibly 10/69 (08/69 - 12/68 possible range).

Ltjg James Walter (now deceased) on prt wingwall aft.

I relieved Jim as 3rd Division/Gunnery Officer. date uncertain (10/68 - 12/68 possible range).

GMG1 Campbell and GMG2 Ansnes on open bridge off coast of RVN.

LPD 5 Ogden in foreground. Taken from the open bridge; date uncertain (1/68 - 02/69 possible range)

FTG3 Anthony at mount 34 with port stack in background.

Possibly in Pearl Harbor on 20-21 Mar '69.

Mount 34 with Pearl Harbor as background.

Possibly 20 or 21 Mar '69.

FTG3 Tucker with Pearl Harbor in background.

Taken on 03 level, port side; date uncertain, possibly in Pearl Harbor on 20-21 Mar '69. Can we locate him? Lots of photos!!

Unknown port lookout with unknown background.

Taken on open bridge, port side; date uncertain, Possibly 11/68 - 05/70 possible range).

Ensign Philip "Skip" Dunford, Disbursing Officer and WO1 Robert "Tommie" Thompson MPA

They enjoy the protection of Mount 33 as Monticello refuels USS Walker (DD-466) enroute Pearl Harbor to san diego on March 24, 1969. See photo #33 also.

Ltjg James "Jimmie" Walters, Gunnery Officer SFCM George Iaeger andWO1 Robert "Tommie" Thompson MPA

They man the welldeck rail near the ballast shack. Taken from ladder to helo deck; date uncertain (11/68 - 12/68 possible range) Anyone know the guys in the background?

Ensign Patrick "Pat" Burkett (now deceased) on open bridge somewhere off RVN.

Date uncertain (11/68 - 05/70 possible range).

On the beach at Fort DeRussey, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii on 20 March 1969.

Clockwise from standing LT Peter "Pete" edmonds, Communications Officer, Ensign Gage Powell, CIC Officer, LT Gilbert M. "Gil" Zernansky, Acting Chief Engineer and LT Terry Earhart, Supply Officer

On the open bridge.

Captain F.W. Benson, C.O., LT William Bowman, First LT

and special sea and anchor detail OOD___OOD's phone talker; inbound to sasebo, Japan on 28 March '70. Anyoone know the phone talker's name?

Ensign William "Bill" McBride, on the port wingwall inbound to Yokuska , Japan on 02 Mar '69.

San Diego

Mount 31 passes San Diego - Coronado Bay bridge (under contruction) in bound from the Pacific on 27 Mar '69, enroute to pier 8, U.S. Naval Station, San Diego.

Bay Bridge

the port wingwall crew shares anticipation of home as the San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge (under construction) frames Point Loma on 27 March '69. Anyone know these guys? just a note: the bridge opened in August 1969.


An unknown sailor watches as Monticello refuels USS Walker DD-466, underway alogside. See photo #25 also. Who knows the name and date?

Ensign Gage L. Powell "on the beach" in Hawaii on 20 Mar 69.


Marines restructure and check howitzer and recoiless rifle ammunition prior to action. Photo of the mezzanine deck from the main deck near the port crane; date uncertain (11/68 - 12/68 possible range). Anyone know these guys? They are from BLT 2-7, USMC

midshipman 1st class John R. Beck and his date Miss Shirley Gentzel, at her front porch in Pheasant Gap, PA

On occasion of NROTC Penn State Military Ball, 1968.

Ex-USS Monticello furthest out in a pod of ships in the Maritime Administration moorings, Suisun Bay, California.

In June 2007, following SINKEX preparation at Richmond, CA

Ohoto taken from industrial park north of the bay.

Richmond, CA

Ex-USS Monticello pierside at the Port of Richmond, CA for striship SINKEX preparations by a detachment of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

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