The Les Larios Collection


1984 West Pac

Coming home July 27, 1984

USS Joseph Strauss DDG 16

USS Belleau Wood LHA 3

USS Belleau Wood LHA 3 in formation

Assault Craft Unit-One

ACU-1 going home

Some greetings under the bridge

Being saluted

I thought we already had a fresh water washdown.

USS Texas CGN 39

An old bootcamp buddy was an ET aboard her. He met me on the pier.

Monticello's families and friends awair us.

West Pac 84 is history

Mike Hixson and Les Larios almost there.

Dave Webb meets her new daughter, Racheal Christine.

A Kodak moment

Broadway Pier

MoBoat at Broadway Pier

Captain Hough on the flight deck

Broadway Pier

GMG3 Les Larios under Mount 31.

Mario Ossario on the Quarterdeck.

On display at broadway Pier, San Diego.

On display at Broadway Pier, San Diego.

SN Mario Ossario down the hatch.

View from the flight deck.

GMG Stuff

3rd division at sea and achor detail.

3rd division officer, watches OSSN Clint Duncan fire.

15 rounds expended, bore clear, no casualties.

Earl Brokenbaugh (back turned) at 1st loader is a cousin to "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler (he had photographic evidence!), BM3 Ronald Akers at Sight Setter, & me at LSO.

At LSO I wait for the order.


BM1 Winters and 3rd division at sea and anchor detail.

Easyrider cartoons are the best!


GMG2 Dave Collins and me on Mount 31.

GMG2 Dave Collins and SR Allen Homer.

GMG2 Kelly's Safety demonstration.

Hixson, Me and Boone cleanup our mess.

If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand.

It's like a Bosun's pipe, the same but different.

John Kelley, Cliff Link & me.

Left gun (Pancho) Mount 31.

Mario Ossario and I on mount 31.

Me and my baby, mount 31.

Me, GMG3 Mike Hixson, and SR Robert Boone.

Mike Simmons fires as GMG2 Dave Webb feeds.

More fascinated Marines.

Me and Mike Normand prep for unrep station.

Me at Mount Captain on Mount 31.

Prepping for shark watch with M-14.

A fine example of a military rifle.

Range 3500 yards, fuse not set.

Smoke signals, Gunner's Mate style.

SR Homer does PMS on Mount 31 as Mario Ossorio supervises from starboard lookout.

SR homer, one of my sea puppies.

these guns double as parallel bars for Dave Collins.

Interesting Sights

#3 turret of the USS Arizona BB39

U.S.S. Arizona's mooring.

A Grande Island soda hooch.

A view of Subic Bay from Grande Island.

Six inch guns on Grande Island used during WWII.

Arrival at Guam.

Six inch gun.

Behind an unrep.

Six Inch gun

Coronado bridge

Six inch gun.

Diamond Head in the distance.

Flying fish.

Guam 1984.

Heading into Pearl Harbor.

Hirado Island, Japan

Hirado Island, Japan

Hirado Island, Japan

Hirado Island, Japan

Hirado Island, Japan

Hirado Island, Japan

Hix gives Normie a hand near Tinion Island.

Hixson and Normand, or Mike and Mike,

I had to have my token Jeepney picture taken.

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima, Mount Suribachi

Leaving the Arizona memorial.

Luzon, RPI

Luzon, RPI

Luzon, RPI

LVT launch prep.





LVT formed up.

Magsaysay Avenue, Olongapo, RPI

Me and Stormin Normand with Tinion in the background.

Near the gun emplacement on Grande Island, Subic Bay, RPI.

Relaxing in the tropics.

Samurai swords in museum on Hirado Island, Japan.

Samurai Warriors gear

Samurai Warriors gear

Ship's party.

Sunrise in Subic Bay, RPI

West Pac 1984

Sunset between Pearl and Okinawa

West Pac 1984

Tinion island

Water Garden near Sasebo, Japan.


3rd division POs rule.

Larios, Webb and Simmons

A casual tourist in Lahaina, Maui

november, 1984

Aaron Dennis mans' the phones

Arnold casey, Dave Collins, Rich Doeffinger and Kevin Godda

Bill Monin in skid row before he became a sparky

BM2 Lyndon Whittum at flight quarters

BM2 Lyndon Whittum, GMG3 Les Larios on mount 31

BM3 Randy Landers

Not to be confused with Chief Master at Arms Roland Landers ( His older brother was also aboard the MoBoat)

BMSN Mark Shipman and BM3 Donnie Hodges

Brian (Benny) Hill & Mike Normand on another daring raid over Shit River, Olongapo City, RPI

BT Reggie Powell keeps Turd Chasers Glen Maier and Nick Schirner in line in Subic Bay

Dave Weeb and I take an auto tour of Oahu

What a blast that was!

Dean Addis going steaming

Don Hodges & Mike Davis

1st Division

GMG2 Dave Webb (Big Bird)

GMG2 John Kelly

They broke the mold after this guy!

GMG3 Les Larios and the jersey Kid, BM3 Tom Bentham

GMGs in Hawaii

Dave Webb, Mike Normand, Mike Hexson, Les Larios pulling into Pearl Harbor

GMGSN Les Larios

SN Artega - I called him Jimmy

John Kelley mans the foc'sle for sea and anchor detail

John Smith and Les Larios

Canby Union High School 1978 classmates, reunited in Subic Bay, RPI - West Pac 1985

Les Larios, Dave Webb and Rich Williams

Mario Ossorio gets into the swing of things

Mario Ossorio over the side with a little haze gray rust remover

Les Larios, HM3 Nick Burger, and Anna lisa cooling our heels at the Zeppelin Concert Hall

Olongapo City, RPI West Pac 1985

Mike Normand, Rich Doeffinger, Aaron Dennis, Mike Simmons, dean Addis, Mike Hixson, Cliff Link and Dave Walker

Sasebo, Japan - West Pac 1984

Mike Simmons and Clint Duncan salute

Mike Simmons and Les Larios

Mike Simmons with a new toy, an eletric hat he found in Korea, it lights up and twinkles

Mike Yarns

1st Division

My flight quaters station

My flight ops partner, Cliff Link

My Richard Crnium disguise from Balboa Naval Hospital

I hit a hatch, for 8 stiches. Mike Davis provides the sympathy

Les Larios and Brian Winegar in Hawaii, 1984

New GMG3s Larios and Simmons

OSs & GMGs playing well with each other.

Clint Duncan, Mike Simmons, Dave Green, Mike Hixson

OSSA Brian Hill has color detail

OSSN Clint Duncan's self-inflicted Mohawk

OSSN Rich Williams and GMGsn Robert Boone yuck it up

San Bernadino Street gang leader (Jimmy) Artega borrows an M203 from my Marine Corps buddies

Sea and anchor detail, Subic Bay at sunrise and a shave in that order.

Mike Hixson, Robert Boone and Mike Normand (shaver)

Shave and a haircut... no thanks!

Dean Addis, Dave Webb & Mike Simmons (Timmy, our GMGC Dowding's pet name for him!)

SHSN Joe Ramsey. Best barber I ever knew

The Dove copy I bought from Mark Shipman, the Gibson Paul from IC3 Jerry Lack.

Then GMGSN Les Larios and GMG2 Dave Collins

This was taken July 7, 1984 in Guam.

The day after we got out our crows. GMG3 Larios and OS3 Green

Too many San Miguels at the Dalls Club, Reggie Powell's birthday party.

Me and BT2 Jim Garcia. May, 1985 - Olongapo City, RPI


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