I want to thank Mr. Earl Johnson of the Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration

for sending me nine of the photos below.



  Moran 57-59
Frank Pitt 59-61
Racioppo 60-62
Monnett 60-61
Faust 65-67
Clark 65-68
Lefebvre 66-68
Earl 67-69
Baker 68-69
Jenkins 68-70
Beck 68-70
Harbin 68-70
Lovaas 69-71
Fesnock 71-75
McKnight 72-73
Barrentine 75-79
Ryan 76-79
Havard 77-79
York 78-79
Olsson 78-82
Underwood 78-79
Masga 81-84
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Looking into the well deck and at the helo deck towards the stern

Helo deck and cranes

Looking into the well deck from the mezzanine deck

Control panel

Engine room

Bridge from the port side

Bridge from the starboard side

Forecastle (bow)

FRom the forecastle looking up at the bridge

If you look closely, you can see the worker pointing to where the ship's bell was located.

Mo's port side (wingwall)

My cleaning station.

Sterngate firmly in place.